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11 Most Famous Fluxus Artists

Fluxus Artists

During the 1960s and 1970s, Fluxus was a worldwide, multidisciplinary group of artists, musicians, designers, and poets that participated in experimental art performances emphasizing the creative process above the completed result. Fluxus is renowned for its experimental contributions to a variety of creative mediums and fields, as well as for pioneering the development of new … Read more

Henry F. Farny Biography

Henry F Farny was a son of a political refugee born in Alsace, France. His family moved to Pennsylvania when he was six years old. When he was young, he had a friendly relationship with the people of the Seneca tribe in the nearby vicinity to where he lived. Thereafter, he developed a life-long fascination … Read more

Frederic Remington Biography

Frederic Remington

You have probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. But you can’t really grasp the essence of it unless you come across an illustration that communicates a story, a message, or a feeling. What is most meaningful in art has nothing to do with the canvas, structure or the hue of colors. … Read more

Jonas Mekas Biography

jonas mekas

Jonas Mekas was born in a small village of Semeniskiai, Lithuania, in 1922. In 1944 he and his brother Adolfas Mekas were captured by the Nazis and taken to the labor camp on Elmshorn, Germany. Once the war was over, he pursued a degree in philosophy at the University of Mainz. In the late 1940s, … Read more

George Maciunas Biography

Paula Scher

George Maciunas was born on 8TH November 1931. He was an American artist of Lithuanian origin born in Kansas. He was a founder and the central coordinator of the Fluxus Movement. Fluxus is an international community of architects, artists, designers, and composers. He was famous for organizing and performing early happenings and assembling several influential … Read more

Paula Scher Biography

Paula Scher has played a vital role in the ‘retro’ movement of the 80s. Influenced by her surroundings, Paula Scher executes her high-energy designs that reflect the diverse environment and cacophony of New York City. She is considered the ‘master conjurer of the instantly familiar,’ and in her designs, she often blurs the lines between … Read more

The Fluxus Art Movement

The Fluxus Art Movement at it’s core was an interdisciplinary movement that’s main focus was on the process of art and not the final ‘product’. Art is essentially two things – an expression of creativity and an echo of freedom. Throughout our history, humans have shown a natural urge for freedom of imagination and expression. … Read more

Eugene de Blaas Biography

eugene de blaas

Eugene de Blaas was a an Italian painter born in 1843 he is best known for his works painted in the Academic Classic style. When most of us think of Italian art, we tend to think of the Old Masters. Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vasari – the names of the Italian Renaissance loom large. But part … Read more